Stanton DeFreitas’ global voice

September 15, 2018
With a background in international work already, business consultant Stanton DeFreitas is bringing his knowledge to writing work and sharing his insights on a variety of topics from an authorship position. This native of the Scarborough area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada gained immense diversity intelligence through upbringing alone in this culturally rich region. Now, with additional career history, he shares his perspectives from a writer’s point of view, hoping to broaden the thinking of others to an international position.

As an author, Stanton DeFreitas brings his international philosophy to the table -- a philosophy that each person should be a global citizen who is not limited by his or her birthplace, but rather, should take in everything possible spiritually, academically and culturally from every angle. He now writes on world events, international sports, health and wellness as well as international travel and brings this philosophy into the mix in his author role on these topics.

Stanton DeFreitas - Raised to Love all Cultures

June 15, 2018
How you are raised and by whom can have a big impact on who you become and what you believe when you grow up. And the way this message is delivered can cause you to agree with whatever message you have been taught, or it can cause you to rebel against the ideals that you were introduced to at a young age. Stanton DeFreitas was raised in Canada but with Caribbean roots. This meant that while he was living out his life in the customs of Canada, or Scarborough to be more specific, he was also being introduced to the cultures that his family was raised on back in the Caribbean. This combination of cultures made it easy for Stanton DeFreitas to see that we are all citizens of the world and this has made him find a deep love and passion for all cultures.

When you grow up with the belief that you are a citizen of the world and that all humankind is connected, it shapes who you are as an adult. Stanton DeFreitas took this knowledge that he was raised with and carried it into his adulthood in a big way. He now works as an international business consultant which has allowed him to continue to grow his love of international relations and has made the discovery of new cultures and customs part of his everyday life. Stanton DeFreitas has a philosophy that is inclusive of the world around him and this makes him both a resource for his job and an example of a quality human being.

A Biography of Businessman and Writer Stanton DeFreitas

March 22, 2018
It is Stanton DeFreitas’ view that everyone, no matter where they come from, is a citizen of the world, not just a citizen of one country. In fact, he believes that everyone in a world should make a greater effort to broaden their horizons in every way possible, including academically, spiritually, and culturally. It is, after all, the approach Stanton DeFreitas has always taken in his international business travels, and he believes that has served to make him a lot more than an entrepreneur. This has been the case ever since Stanton DeFreitas was born and raised in the Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario.

Even as a child, Stanton DeFreitas quickly came to understand the benefits of being raised in one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada and the world. From his experience as a Canadian with Caribbean roots, he found it to be a great experience to witness a wide variety of cultures, a circumstance that has informed his career as an international business consultant. That said, Stanton DeFreitas has as an ultimate goal to become a writer who is uniquely capable of communicating to people all over the world on many important international issues related to current events, travel, and sports, as well as personal health and wellness.

Stanton DeFreitas sincerely wants to show reader how we all can work better together, among the many different cultures of the world. Some cultures may have solutions to another culture's problems, but we'll never know about them if we stay in our own cultural bubble, surrounded by people who are just like us. Stanton DeFreitas believes he benefited greatly from his childhood, and that his exposure to many different ways of thinking that has made him a great businessman, so he wants to share that knowledge with the world.